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The story behind the picture - Bride and Groom
October 25, 2019

I enjoy nothing more, certainly at this time of year when my photographic output takes a dip, to review past photos. So in a new series of posts, that will be published weekly as part of #write52, I am taking picks from my archives and writing about them on an individual basis. First one is this, bride and groom, Vatican City.

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Photography Composition and Cambridgeshire
October 19, 2019

I talk a little more about my recent photographs, many of which were taken on a recent trip to Cambridge and surrounding areas. I want to provide an insight into how my photographic eye works and what makes for a good photographic composition. One of the key ingredients to great photos.

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Autumn Colour
October 15, 2019

Adventures in autumn colour

Write52 Intro
October 12, 2019

I'm taking the plunge with my writing and photography and having a bash at Write52 on Twitter. So if you've found me through this Twitter group, here is a short and sweet intro!

iPad Pro and the new iPadOS
October 8, 2019

Wow this iPad Pro I have just bought is blowing my mind and boosting my productivity. Here is why

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Ranmore Common
October 5, 2019

Today I caught up with friend and former colleague Stuart for a walk at Ranmore Common near Dorking, Surrey. We walked along part of the North Downs and Pilgrim's Way with a view to capturing the autumn colour. Little did we realise that it's still very much summer in the Surrey Hills! My word it was warm!

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