Using Forestry and Sanity together does that work?

December 19, 2019 · jamstack
Originally I used Wordpress for all of my CMS needs and then for some projects, Drupal... However I was never content (excuse the pun) with PHP nor any of its templating systems. Now there is JAMStack and I wanted to tell you about the CMS tools I use for this website.

10 things to get excited about in 2020 and the new decade

December 18, 2019 · tech
I flex my Techie Geek knowledge and talk about some of the greatest developments of the past decade and what to look out for in the next!

What is Structured Content and why I offer it as a service to my clients

December 2, 2019 · updates
An introduction to the concepts of structured content and why I find it to be immensely powerful and easily intuitive for all levels of end-user
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