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December 20, 2019


For the client

The following articles serve as explanations of what I do and how such things could be of interest to clients current and future

Let us build a custom dashboard for your data

An article and demo project that illustrates how to leverage data from a popular platform via it's API

For the developer

The following articles are aimed at other devs and these should be part of a subscription based service

  • Potential for substack material

Building a platform with Laravel and Vue

  • Follow my progress as I build an online teaching platform using laravel and vue
  • I have decided to build a platform for delivering my own online courses, first of all I need to build the platform itself and then later on feed it with lessons! How should I tackle such an endeavour? I decided to diarise the process, to track it's progress and to share a few useful lessons along the way
  • The site will be known as "headforcode"
  • Speccing out what the site needs to achieve
  • What do I need to host this with?
  • Setting up my dev environment to work with Laravel
  • Why use Laravel and not something else? What are the alternatives? What are the costs?


Think of 52 headings I could jot down and then build articles for them during the year ahead

1. Let's get the year started

  • articles in 2020 will be published on Thursdays starting 2nd Jan
  • write52/week1/etc etc

Hope you all had a great Christmas break? I am writing this 2 weeks before you will see this post, as I've been taking advantage of some time to plan ahead for my Write52 articles this year. I have begun to write 52 headings and each one is going to focus on ways of running modern websites, the CMS tools, the strategies to follow and some tips on blogging itself. I will also talk about freelancing and contracting, the trials and tribulations of running a tiny Limited Company here in the UK. One thing I need to get my head around is IR35 for example which is why I am going to switch to more freelance work and less contracting in the future.

So that will be my pattern for all Write52 articles during 2020, a fresh start, a bit of a reset.

However I will also be writing some more technical stuff too, taking a deeper dive into the things I do for a living, professionally. However life should never be all work and no play, which is why there will plenty happening on the photoblog section of this site and I will be collating some great walks for everyone to get outdoors and blow away their cobwebs via my other blog, the "Rambling Photographer".

So as you can see whilst my brain has begun to relax and unwind, it has turned it's attention to a little bit of "planning ahead". We all do it. We all like to try out something different each year but I do shy away from "New Year Resolutions", I never keep them, do you?

I feel like I'm ready for this. Let's get cracking!

2. Reasons not to share everything via Social Media

  • 9th January

The premise behind this article is to talk about how you can share let's say one photo of an event on social media but link to your full article about the event, thus attracting new unique visitors to your site, your business, your brand. Establishing your own space online is now more important than it ever has been...

3. Are online freelance marketplaces worth the time?

  • 16/01/20 This week I wanted to talk about those websites where you can bid for freelance gigs and why I avoid them but do sometimes use them to delegate tasks that I can't do. The question I have raised time and time again is - If I don't want to work for peanuts, why should I expect other people to do so? Are we helping further reduce rates across the marketplace? Hence everything is gradually being commodicised (- [ ] is that a word?) and I feel this is not good at all.

4. Analyze your analytics the 5 steps you can take to learn from them

  • 23/01/20 First off I have been using Netlify Analytics for some time, so some of the information in this article leans towards this particular tool, however some of the tips I'm about to share are valid in many cases.

  • Identify broken links, always check for content that is not being found

  • What do your most popular articles have in common, is there a pattern you can learn from? Investigate why some content may be underperforming

  • Do not over analyze, just have a look every week

  • ??

  • ??

5. Plan ahead and do not rush posts out of the door

  • 30/01/20 Way back at the start of this month I talked about planning ahead. I want to talk about how I am going about this and how I now start some articles a few weeks at least beforehand and how some others that perhaps are very dependent on date and time, are pinned to the editorial calendar and are gradually fed words over time. I feel that this leads to a better quality of writing and reading back, posts appear to be less rushed and that is because they no longer are!

I started writing this post on 20th December 2019 along with all that preceded it from the beginning of 2020. It is a different way of working but I figured that this is the way most writers (especially those members of Write52) go about it.

6. Keep researching your industry never stand still (06/02/20)

I am interested to ask for a show of hands and find out what you use for running your website and those you are involved with developing/writing for your clients. The reason I ask is purely for the purposes of research and may be beneficial to the evolution of my own web consultancy business.

7. Portable Photography 13/02/20

  • We are soon going on a big trip but I am keeping it secret and shall post stuff later
  • Fill your camera bag and then take most of it out - yeah seriously!
  • minimal camera gear
  • iphone

8. Portable Videography 20/02/20

  • Similar to the previous week but this time picking up on video
  • light gimbals
  • iphone
  • osmo

9. Comments versus social media discussion 27/02

  • How do you roll yours? Disqus or Facebook comments
  • Alternatives

10. My Tech stack 05/03 south africa

JAMStack rather than WP etc

  • 12/03
  • 19/03
  • 26/03 A decade in business this month
  • 02/04
  • 09/04
  • 16/04
  • 23/04
  • 30/04
  • 07/05
  • 14/05
  • 21/05
  • 28/05
  • 04/06
  • 11/06
  • 18/06
  • 25/06
  • 02/07
  • 09/07
  • 16/07
  • 23/07
  • 30/07
  • 06/08
  • 13/08
  • 20/08
  • 27/08
  • 03/09
  • 10/09
  • 17/09
  • 24/09
  • 01/10
  • 08/10
  • 15/10
  • 22/10
  • 29/10
  • 05/11
  • 12/11
  • 19/11
  • 26/11
  • 03/12
  • 10/12
  • 17/12
    1. 24/12

Working out what the sections should be

  • take a look under the dist folder to colalte a list of the sections I have already generated

  • Sections

    • write52, with subs of 1-52?
    • Tech
    • Code
  • Subs

To follow on from the 2020 article

The last long form article of 2019 published 18/12/2019 featured 10 key areas of interest, that were:

1. Smartphones as main cameras, has the time come

To follow on from this I want to blog/vlog about the different apps you can use for both photography and video, there are many but for the foreseeable, I want to concentrate on these:

  • Native camera app
  • LR camera
  • Filmic
  • DJI Mimo

2. Drones

3. Future of photography

4. The Gimbal

5. Home automation

6. Electric vehicles

7. Self powered homes

8. AI and ML

9. coding

10. Future of work

Connecting IA Writer with this site

  • did have it working but now don't

Photography and Filmaking

I want to focus on small scale gear to prove to people they don't need the biggest, most expensive all of the time and how this can be used alongside a more full-size camera kit - together.


My main source of income as a freelance/contractor is writing code (sites and apps) and mostly using the ubiqutous JavaScript, it's what this site is built upon (Gridsome). It is in itself a rapidly expanding, fast developing industry and in order to stay up-to-date, I find writing about it helps. There will be a multitude of articles here about this, there is no doubt!

I would love to make some extra revenue out of building online courses and e-books, so capturing my thoughts and ideas against this website is the best way of doing that.

code explorations

List of concepts I wish to explore and share with other developers out there, mostly around Vue and JS:

  • What's coming up for VueJS in 2020? Well v3 is almost here or is it here?
  • Gridsome, Gatsby and so on
  • Alternatives to Gridsome
    • How easy is it to set up a Sanity website? How much tech know-how do you need?
      • Developers and Users
        • In most cases I can take care of the technical side and then provide the user with the introduction they need to the software itself and how it works
        • I will receive notifications when builds complete successfully or fail
      • Getting developers up to speed
        • You need Node installed and then follow the next set of steps
      • Training users
  • Alternatives to Sanity
  • Nuxt
  • Next
  • Yeah what about react?
  • New JS frameworks such as Svelte, oh my!
  • JavaScript
    • re-visit the fundamentals from time to time
  • CSS
  • VueJs
  • Browsers and their capabilities/differences

Other topics

  • Will rethink the headings for this doc


Introduction to

  • Where to find it
  • A quick tour of it's features
  • Have a look at my public content for an example

Using to run your life

I use Notion to run my business but the challenge is in knowing how best to use the tool because of it's flexibility, there are umpteen ways you can use it. My suggestions here aren't gospel, just ideas but they have become reliable enough for me to find useful and help me (a very disorganised person) cope better and not lose my rag with things

Using Notion to write markdown articles

  • Start off capturing articles in Notion
  • flesh them out
  • complete them
  • export the article to your gridsome site - how?
    • Export as a markdown file complete with images
    • Drop into your gridsome blog folder

More other stuff!

Go out, take a stroll and take photos series for Write52

Gridsome/Sanity getting started

How did I build this website, hee are the steps for the more technically minded people out there

VUE/Gridsome plugins and components

CMS systems




code tutorials


Mobile development

Drone tech

I am seriously tempted by the Mavic Mini but shall still register myself for the larger Mavic Pro that I already own. I am also looking seriously into getting a PfCO license because that will open up some commercial possibilities, such as learning how to develop apps for the drones I own. I don't have any ideas in particular yet.

  • code and drones

Mapping out what I've learnt from FB

AI and Machine Learning

What are the best options for JS developers?

IoT Javascript

Other people's learning resources

  • Wes Bos
  • Level Up

iPhone tech

this website

  • add Disqus back in

business development

I am a freelance web developer, content creator and photographer, who is on a mission to help businesses and individuals build solutions for their online world.