Apple Court Garden

July 17, 2019

In today's post I want to share a great place we discovered this weekend and at the same time share some photos that I took along the way...

Tina and I have been exploring some more of our great gardens and making some fabulous discoveries. This Saturday we went down towards Lymington armed with a copy of Gardeners World Magazine and a 2-for-1 voucher to visit Apple Court Garden and Nursery, which is stunning as I hope you will agree just by taking a look through some of the photos I took...

Lily Pond

As a photographer you discover over time which subjects interest you the most and I have no doubt that nature and gardens are up at the top, expecially when you start to become more adventurous with your approach to photographs. However one thing to keep in mind before going wild with the shutter button is to maintain how recognisable a subject is, which is key for stock photography. Do also take shots of labels for plants, so that later you don't have to recall from the depths of your mind... "What is this plant again? Oh heck, no idea what the latin name is either!"

Garden Corridor

Apple Court comprises of a number of "Garden Rooms" each connected by corridors that often lead to a feature of some kind. In this case an ornamental seat complete with cushions, which works really well from a photography perspective.

Pink flowers

Earlier in this article I mention the importance of keeping note of plant names or whatever your subject might be. I normally take a photo of the label that the gardener has pinned into the ground near the plant. I failed to do that in this case but I am guessing this is some form of Rose - answers on a postcard please! Well maybe not a postcard but an email via the contact form or a comment below (once I've added Disqus to this website that is) would be greatly appreciated!


Hosta - Prince of Wales

The label is interesting if you take a closer look.


Crane sculpture

I will soon be publishing a similar article on the blog about Sir Harold Hillier Gardens which we visited the day after Apple Court. They had a number of sculptures on display as part of a trail. Other gardens that sprint to mind are Wisley and Kew which often feature Sculptures here and there!

Wrought iron Garden bench (Black and white)

Perspective of the 3 lily ponds

Lily pond

Lily pond

Japanese garden complete with Koi Carp

I often keep track of project ideas that spawn off of other things, normally by association of some kind. I would love to visit as many Japanese Gardens as I can around the UK. I would love to know of any you've perhaps discovered in the past that you'd recommend a visit to.

Japanese garden complete with Koi Carp

Japanese Gong

Lily Pond

Eryngium planum ‘Jade Frost’

In the case of this beautiful Eryngium planum "Jade Frost", I did make a note of the name. I found this article on the Gardener's World website very interesting. I had no idea it's common name is "Sea Holly" despite seeing a few of these plants in other gardens. I wouldn't mind introducing one to our garden at home.

Eryngium planum ‘Jade Frost’

Last of all if you want to visit, then why not take a look at their web page?

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