Me visiting the future tallest building in Beijing
Me visiting the future tallest building in Beijing

The Rambling Photographer

(Alternative title for this website...)

I've always liked to share my travel experiences. Several years ago I started a blog in my mother language (Portuguese) for my most devoted audience (my family), where I would write about my life abroad. It was a success, and it always represented a good reason to document every step of my ways.

I love to combine a number of interests together and to share them through the medium of photography and writing. Subject matters span a broad gamut, ranging from urban travel to nature in miniature.

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But I've always had the desire to reach a wider audience, like-minded folks who are also interested in all of these things. And during my many hours of research for my own trips, I realized there was an abundance of people writing about travel, another multitude writing about architecture, but few putting them together to create something useful and inspiring for people like me.

That is the goal of this site: to join architecture and travel in one place and to transform it into something useful or inspiring for you. I am not a professional traveler like many out there, I have a day job and counted vacation days every year, but I do try to travel a lot, and I intend to turn each trip into a story worth of your time.

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