Throwback Saturday

Normally “throwbacks” are for Thursdays but I only thought of it this morning. Have you seen how the blossom is coming along in your area? It’s still a bit early but whilst syncing my WordPress media library with Lightroom these past two days. It’s taking awhile, I’ve 10k photos in the collection and way more on some dusty old hard-drives, but anyway, blossom; I found a few lovely ones I took at RHS Wisley in 2019.

Talking of which we hope to get back to Wisley as soon as it is safe. Though we may miss the best of the Magnolia and other blossoming plants. Maybe we will get to see some great bluebell woodlands? Much like those we witnessed in Micheldever 2019…

I write this and I can visualise that glorious perfume that wafts over you as you step into the sea of green and blue or is it actually purple? Bluebells play tricks on our eyes and many of us find them tricky to photograph accurately. The answer is to use a polariser which are useful for many things but they filter out the frequencies of light that complicate these great subjects, as fleeting as they are.

Stay safe folks!

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