The Lizards of Funchal

Way back in 2019, we flew to another part of the World, some of you may remember that kind of thing and by jove I look forward to doing so again once it is 1000% safe to hop on an aircraft again. Good news I have found a whole load of photos that I haven’t posted to this blog. The shame. All of which were taken on and around the stunning island of Madeira, If you haven’t been, wait until you can and then go there. It’s magical, it’s sub-tropical, the people are delightful. If we were allowed to go to only one place for the rest of our lives as a holiday destination – we would choose Madeira!

It’s Magical, it’s sub-tropical – It’s Madeira!

What is the collective noun for a group of Lizards? Apparently it is a “Lounge”, did you know that? I think it is very apt because there were hundreds in the Funchal park we were exploring that day. They were literally lounging about in the sunshine!

Click on the images to view larger versions and the EXIF information for focal lengths etc.

4 thoughts on “The Lizards of Funchal”

    • It’s a great piece of gear the 200mm lens and quite a bit lighter than the one I’ve got for my Nikon system. I carry that one with me plus a 24-70mm most of the time. Funchal is a lovely city too.


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