Light: One Word Sunday

I have been following the brilliant blog for many years and she runs a photo challenge each Sunday and this week it is “light”

The photo was taken in 2018 when we visited Rome and the shot caught my attention because of the light at the end of the tunnel feel. It is a famous tunnel but I can’t recall it’s name. In fact we were watching a TV series last year in which it featured!

Maybe you’d like to give the challenge a go, just follow the link above in my opening paragraph.

8 thoughts on “Light: One Word Sunday”

  1. It’s great to have you join in, Nick.
    I was going to ask you the name of the tunnel, but I see that won’t help 🙂 It looks great – and I’ll definitely hunt it down if I get back to Rome

    • I have found it, another blogger wrote about it. I was thinking back, as I can recall we were heading for the Campo d’ Fiori market which is a massive piazza and hosts a market on certain days. On our way we cut through this passageway and just had to stop to take it in. It wasn’t listed in the guidebooks and therefore, I loved it even more! and this guy is right, the market wasn’t as good as others we’ve been to. Beware also the restaurants around there, good ones can be found but some owners wouldn’t take no for an answer and hard sell!


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