The fabulous view that is Newland’s Corner

Newland’s Corner is a famous viewpoint in Surrey and you can read more about it at which also provides some details of nearby walks and other attractions if you are spending a little bit of time in the area. It is one of those locations that I haven’t spent enough time at from a photography point of view. Nine times out of ten we pass through whilst driving somewhere else and often gasp at:

“Wow what a view!”
“Look at the mist rolling over the hills!”
“Wow what a sunset, look at that light, stunning”

Each time, never have time to stop or more often than not my camera on my person!

So recently I made a point of going over there in the late afternoon, I was interrupted in the process by an incoming wedding photography enquiry. Glad to say it was accepted and is in my diary for July. More on that another time.

I carefully ambled down the side of the hill, it was a bit slippery, no snow at that point in time just a bit of a frostiness forming on the ground, as the sun started to drop. I then had another curse as I realised I had my filters but no adaptor ring for the lens I was using (24-105mm). “Damn!”, I cursed under my breath.

In the end I applied some filtering on the exposure in pose production. It works quite well but I still much prefer to do it with real Lee filters, I must say!

So here is the fruit of my labours that day….

The view from Newlands Corner, looking towards Albury in the Surrey Hills

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