New Year, New Printer

Currently we are considering getting a new Printer and have our eyes on the Canon Pro 1000 which you can purchase via a number of places including Amazon and Wex Photographic. Notice how the prices vary quite somewhat. In fact Wex have dropped their price it seems from when I last took a look.

What will we use it for?

The plan will be to produce great quality prints to sell via this website, an online store is in the works at the moment. So this also means I am going to start learning more about the different kinds of papers we can use and the sizes.

A certain number of tests will be carried out and the output from these will be used to put up on the walls of my office and around our house. I think we shall have an immense amount of fun doing this and developing the process.

Having achieved the above, I will then be able to add more detail to the product listings and actively promote what I am doing.

So overall I would look into doing:

  • Selling wall prints to customers. Images from my current collection, such as coastal scenes, Rome and other cities. I will also in addition offer bespoke services for businesses who want to create wall prints of their premises or local landmarks.
  • Framing services potentially
  • Headshot and portrait prints for customers who have attended my pop-up studio (more on this another day)
  • We are looking at attending craft fairs
  • Producing prints for other photographers

Choosing my Paper

Well I am currently considering Fotospeed and or Canson. I would welcome any tips from others out there on what preferences you have?

Document the journey

I will probably write about my experiences of course 🙂

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Printer

      • Those are the brands, and they both have plenty of different papers. I would suggest to get a sampler pack from each of them to see which paper you like best. Also, consider HahnemĂĽhle and Moab Paper. They probably have sampler packs too. In general, you’ll probably want to have a “photo paper” and a “fine art paper” as your primary choices. But which one depends on you. I’m using the Canon photo papers (semi gloss and luster), and for fine art, Moab Juniper Baryta Rag and HahnemĂĽhle William Turner.

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