In the News: Drones and Gatwick

I rarely write about the News on this blog and normally steer clear of it to be honest but the situation today at Gatwick has been quite something else. Naturally nobody really knows how to deal with a situation like this. You could argue that shooting them down is the quickest option and worry about the rest later. Many people have been asking why this hasn’t been done. The general response being that bullets and airports aren’t really a good idea. I write this as it is still going on and maybe by the end of the day, something will bring it to a conclusion…

My reason for writing is to highlight that as a responsible drone pilot myself you would never think of flying in areas where you should not. So much so that I haven’t flown mine for ages and now with this, well, I may never fly it again for fear of a backlash from those people who are now convinced they are the toys of the devil. I can imagine taking it somewhere and someone having a go…. however that has never happened to-date and most sensible people understand I am taking landscape photos from the air! I tend not to shoot video with mine all that much.

They aren’t the Devil’s toy of course, they are innovative and designed more and more with safety in mind, to prevent people from doing stupid things. They enable you to see things from a different perspective and as humans, we are forever pushing the boundaries of possible.

Would I be in favour of legislation, well yes, I wouldn’t mind at all. I have nothing to hide and I fly mine for leisure at the moment, I have been considering going for training and getting a license but that is very expensive for what it is. However will it resolve this problem we’ve seen today? I doubt it would because there will always be menacing people in this world who have a dislike for others. Mind you having said that some people argue this could be the work of some protesters or activists, I hope it all becomes clear in due course.

Earlier today I wrote this on Twitter

and it has been shared a lot and I am quite staggered by the attention it received. There are people who are baffled by the situation. I for one cannot work out how this is even possible given the fact that normal drones only fly for 25 minutes approx. However it is possible someone has a lot of batteries and are charging the sed ones up fast somehow, to keep them flying constantly. Some people say there are multiple drones in the air. Then there are those who say a Police Helicopter was outwitted by multiple drones and then it descends into a sludge of nonsense about them being tiny UFO’s the Government doesn’t want us to know about… Putin… Trump etc.

Oh my God, I hate social media at times, it amuses me to a point. Mini UFOs is surreal comedy at play but you end up getting sucked in and I am now exhausted by it…. So Good Night! I am outta here… I’m off to the bloody Pub!

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