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Whilst preparing some other articles for future publication on this site, I needed to add some maps using Google and it was whilst doing that I found myself falling down that internet rabbit hole of things I created ages ago and forgot all about. It was like going into the loft and finding a whole load of old Vinyl albums, well maybe not quite that nostalgic but a pleasure nonetheless.

A selection of the maps I’ve created over the years with Google Maps!

Embedding maps in posts

They are easy to embed in an article much like the above and as a visitor to my site, you can click on the star in the title bar to add the map to your own Google account, which is pretty neat. Although I did embed the above in HTML by copying the script from Google’s sharing tool, it is fairly straight forward to do, especially with the new Gutenburg Editor in WordPress.

Underground Stations

I have no idea when or even why I created the above map, it must have been as a result of exploring data and mapping, something I do and am fascinated by. You might find it useful?

The Airport Circuit

I created this one recently to share my route around Farnborough airport which is an impressive 8 miles or so from one end to the other. You can walk it or cycle it and it is surprisingly rural for the most part, there will be a guided walk for this one before too long.

Fancy a Grand Tour?

I must have been planning something at some point, perhaps that trip we were thinking of doing but never got around to. I have missed some key places on the map, but I could easily update it and the changes would appear here automatically as and when we actually do the real thing.

In the meantime i am going to stick closer to home and create a number of walking guides to entertain anyone who lives in or is visiting the counties of Hampshire and Surrey, my main stomping grounds!

Feel free to share your favourite maps with us and post some ideas in the comments below….

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