Getting to know Farnborough

Welcome to a new series of guides and walks in and around the UK and I am going to start close to home, I live in Farnborough and the town has some really interesting places that you may not know of. You will discover Saxon history and the town’s connections with more recent War Time history and I would be foolish not to talk of aviation!

I am in the process of collating some articles and guides for Farnborough and to visit the places that have made the town a rather unique place that it is today. Trust me the Town Centre is not what Farnborough is about, some fantastic things have happened here in the past and STILL DO HAPPEN, it’s just way too modest about itself!

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The map below is a work in progress and please by all means bookmark this page as it will be updated with links to new articles when they are complete enough to share with you. In the meantime, please check out the external links below for some interesting info.

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