New Shop (coming soon…)

I have introduced WooCommerce to the equation, though the shop is not ready to trade yet. I am going to sell a range of large print products in 2019 and I doubt the shop will really be ready before the end of January. I have yet to buy the new printer I’ve been eyeing up for some time and it is most likely to be the Canon Pro 1000 and it means I could produce prints up to A2 in size which will be quite exciting. Other products are an option of course but I shall take small steps at a time!

3 thoughts on “New Shop (coming soon…)

    • Truth is I have yet to decide on my official print sizes. First Steps will be get the printer and run off prints for home and office. Only then will I start selling to the public. What sizes do you cater for in the USA?

      • Don’t ask me. Sizes here are silly (from my point of view). I print 18×12″ (~45x30cm) on 19×13″ paper here at home (the largest the Canon Pro-100 can print). Suits me well as there are standard-sized mats and frames for that size.

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