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Heavenly light

Having just been to the Pantheon we visited the Basilica de Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, just one block away. The church is named after what stood on the same site beforehand, the ruins of an old temple dedicated to Minerva, the Greco Roman Goddess. The word “sopra” meaning “over it” when translated into English.

The Church is the only extant example of Gothic architecture in Rome where many others assume the Baroque style.

The light was just heavenly and helped me create this photo without which I doubt it would have been anywhere near as effective.

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  1. We must have walked by so many times when we visited Rome, but I can’t seem to remember this one. Beautiful light!

    1. I’ve got other images from this church. I’m sure I will share those at some point.

      1. I look forward to it ☺️

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