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Rome at first light

Rome at first light

Those early hours of the day cannot be beaten for the subtle hues of light they present us with. It was worth setting the alarm for and leaving the hotel early, as after all they would still be serving breakfast until well after 10am. We could head out, take our photographs and be back in time for some food and coffee.

We took the Metro from Termini station to the Piazza di Spagna which is close to the Spanish Steps. We climbed the steps which were dead quiet compared to a couple of days before. The only people present were wedding couples having their photos taken. The light was still muted twilight and the air pleasant with a crispness to it. It belied the intense humid heat of the previous day (though that soon graced us with it’s presence).

We were also pleased to note that the hawkers had yet to arrive and nobody was thrusting goods we had no need nor interest in to our open hands. We could walk in peace and the only people around were those setting off to work, runners and dog walkers in their office suits.

Tina was taking photos of various things she was seeing and I had with me my Manfrotto BeFree tripod with it’s fluid head. It’s super light and easy to carry. I’d transported it in one of our cases without any issue. It came in handy on this morning. I had been shooting handheld most of the time which nowadays is so easy to get away with when you consider how good image stabilisation is and the breadth of ISO settings available. It’s rather liberating!

I still use a tripod for some things though. It still helps enforce some discipline in my work. So I was pleased I took it with me and it was useful for some video too.

Having reached the top of the Spanish Steps we headed up towards Villa Borghese and the viewpoints that overlook the rooftops and out towards Vatican City.

This shot was taken along the way, as the light began to break through and the sky started looking considerably more interesting than it had done only minutes before. The sunlight bathed the buildings with a delightful array of pastel colours.

We did make it back for breakfast and we certainly had more of an appetite than usual. It was well worthwhile and this is one of my favourite shots from our trip.

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