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Colchester Zoo
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Colchester Zoo

Ok three new blog posts in a day today with more to come as I dig into recent archives from this summer that I’ve not yet written about or posted on this blog to date. I finish off with this post for today….

Yesterday we went to Colchester Zoo, as Tina unbelievably turned 50 not so long ago and between myself, Tim and Alice we bought her a really awesome present and that was to take on the role of being Zookeeper for the day! Thankfully she loved it so much, she asked if we could do it all over again! We may just do that but for now, here are some photographs from the day out.

Tina went behind the scenes and we caught up with her here and there. So Alice and I joined three good friends of ours (David, Sam and their little daughter Freya), whom you see in some of these photos.

Colchester is a great Zoo by the way, never been there before and most of the animals are clear to see albeit behind glass of course for everyones’ safety as you can imagine. The only problem with that and this is the only grumble, it’s a bit awkward for photography due to it’s reflective nature. So I’ve only filtered out the shots where I had an uninterrupted view of the animals.

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