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Hampshire Harvest Festival

Hampshire Harvest Festival

It’s a wet, cold and utterly autumnal afternoon but we didn’t want to let that stop us and we knew that the Hampshire Harvest Festival is on this weekend, so we hopped in the car and drove down there. Sadly the weather seemed to have put off many people, as there were some good things there, just not an awful lot of people compared to normal.

I tend to use auto ISO mode on my camera and generally shoot in aperture priority. So it has been interesting to see how my ISO performs, as today it varied quite dramatically but the end results are none the worse off for it. The above shot could have been shot in ISO 100 for all I know, it remains crisp and well detailed.

Sounds like I am writing a camera review but I’m not lol!!

Here are a few of the shots I took whilst we dodged the heavy rain showers. The whole event was situated around the Cathedral with a dozen stalls or so.

Many of the images here have had very little post production applied to them but in this case I did use a Lightroom profile on some of the images to boost them a tiny bit, not really necessary but I fancied trying it out. If anyone is interested, I may write some articles on my techniques.

I used a radial brush on the eyes of the owl because of the low light, they seemed underexposed but were the sharpest point. A little boost made all the difference in LR.

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  1. Very nice and sharp images Nick, the owl is amazing!

    1. I must say I’m so happy with the Sony A7Riii which I purchased not so long ago. I was originally very much a Nikon guy but have had Sony cameras before. Thanks for the comments.

      1. It’s always hard to choose which camera to buy, it’s like a jungle but I’ve had Canon from the start.

      2. Hoping this works by replying from my email…. I switched because I needed to move to both Full Frame and Mirrorless. I fancied a change and the reviews for these cameras sold it for me.


      1. Indeed!

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