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Frames and perspectives

Frames and perspectives

Last weekend we were out and about doing stuff, shopping, I needed a new coat, saw that there was a good deal on at Cotswolds. It was however another lovely warm day, so no need for the new coat just yet! However Rab clothes are worth getting if there is a bit of a discount going…. anyway we later ended up in Farnham and are ticking off English Heritage sites around our neck of the woods and we stopped at Farnham Castle Keep.

The steps up to the entrance are fabulous, you can imagine the feet that have passed across their stoney surfaces for centuries and some of the action that has taken place there. To think that the history goes back to the mid 12th century and the role the Keep played in defending the town and the Bishops who stayed in the castle during those times. They needed the defence for the Diocese of Winchester was the richest at the time.

Photographically there are some worthy viewpoints from the top, that I’d be tempted to revisit in the Winter if I could. The inner tower is particularly interesting, as it is believed that it pre-dates the ‘modern’ strcture and would have been the original Keep from 1138. Much of the current building was rebuilt some centuries later.

I chose this photo as my main picture for this blog entry because as the title suggests, frames and perspectives are a key ingredient for any picture, photograph or painting. Here the steps lead nicely into the scene, Tina is the distant figure helping define some scale for the photo overall, whilst nicely complementing the arched entrance to the Keep. So whilst flicking through the thumbnails in Lightroom, this one worked nicely for me.

All I did was straighten it slightly, apply some basic monochrome effects, reduced some highlights along the right-hand side brick-work a tad, et voila!

The Rab coat will come into it’s own this coming Autumn, as last year I practially hibernated and took very few photos. I hope not to do that this coming season. I have an online print gallery (shop) to build!


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