Posting to WordPress from Lightroom CC

Today a few things starting with; posting directly to WordPress from Lightroom CC for mobile. It is simple, down right criminal almost and what’s more I can do this whilst on the train.

All you need is the WordPress app for your mobile and Lightroom for mobile. Choose your photo in LR and select share. It then prompts you to pick your size and then the app to share via using the standard methods. Done. All I needed to do after that, was write this bit of text!

I said there were a few things so watch out for posts on why thankfully I’ve rekindled this WordPress blog and some things around the corner. I shall come back to those!


  1. It sounds great!! …and very simple!! For those who are well updated 😕 I don’t even have an app and sometimes I feel like I was born at the Stone Age! 😇 But I have LR and I was born before anyone knew about the Internet and mobile phones. How did we survive?
    Great post!!! 😉


    1. Sometimes I do! I also can recall the days of no internet, no computers and phones had dials on them. We were never at home because we visited people and compliment d them in real life for making a nice cup of tea or whatever.


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