Merry Christmas!

Seasons greetings from myself, my wife Tina and the rest of our family.

Next year I will be changing the way that I publish content online. I will move away from keeping all of my eggs in one basket where the blog is concerned and developing a series of smaller sites. The idea being that each one will be focussed on individual points of interest – Photography on one site, drones on another, music perhaps on another, technology and coding. I will be designing each site to look different but they will all be using a similar stack of technology to run them with.

This will tie in heavily with my professional work as a web developer and designer of web experiences. All of which will be shared across social media, so people won’t miss out on my scribblings, pictures and so on. I think that way I will reach a much wider audience than I do here.

So please bear with me whilst I bring this all together – I am working on it now.

So dear friend, what are you doing for Christmas? Please share 🙂

In any case, thanks for being who you are, keep blogging no matter how you go about it 😉