No posts this week?

Wrong! This is a post so there!

Joking aside, it’s been a busy week compared to last and we’ve just been knuckling down to building our events site for the local area. The local council have taken a keen interest in it too and have been telling us of the family events taking place for Christmas. Lots of classic quirky British stuff, Christmas light switch-ons, Daleks, local pop-stars and Panto Dames. So my apprentice Dan has been busy creating flyers for the events. I think he is now tired of snowmen and Santa. 

We visited one of our clients the other night for an end of year meeting and lasagne. I recommend this combination and all meetings should be conducted this way. Bentley Copse is an activity centre for the outdoors up in the Surrey Hills. It was taken over by a new team about 3 years ago and they are very ambitious. The exciting thing is, it’s paying off and there has been an upturn in their turnover meaning, old buildings can be upgraded and new activities introduced. What’s more the website we built for them is working very well. 

Tina and I left their training center to walk back to our car, in total, absolute darkness, the site is in the middle of a big woodland near Shere. It was slightly spooky and so silent. I could happily live there!

Yesterday I filmed an office team for Tinas colleagues. Our friend Gill acting as presenter, providing a video tour. I was quite proud of my video and would happily do more of that. I used my DJI Osmo for this and edited the video in Adobe Premiere back at my office. I took delivery of a new monitor this week and it’s perfect for video work. 

Today I’m taking time off and plan to get out of town into the countryside somewhere for some decent fresh air.

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    1. Thanks Roberta, I shall have more soon to write here 🙂 We love the area, being based in North-East Hampshire, we have our own county to explore but Surrey is a stone’s throw away from here. In ten minutes I can walk across the border from our house. Some of the best bits though are a car trip but all within 40 minutes or an hour’s drive for those a bit further away. Once you reach that point you are either in Sussex going one way or Dorset the other, both also great counties to explore.

      Soon switching more to putting together photos and text for a new site called “Mapugo” which is all about this sort of thing. People will be able to follow that via FB, Twitter and Instagram.


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