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Kalami awakens

Kalami awakens

In today’s post, I share another photo from our recent trip to Corfu and this one was taken from where we were staying up on the hillside overlooking the village of Kalami down below.

Kalami was home to the Durrell family and if you cast your eye from left to right, you will see the three yachts moored up in the bay and to the right of them a cluster of buildings down by the water’s edge. One of these buildings is the famous “White House” and was home to the Author and playwright, Lawrence Durrell. It was the time when he invited the rest of his family to come and live with him that inspired the famous novel, “My Family and other Animals” written by his youngest brother Gerald Durrell. It was during the 1930’s that the story was set and if you have read the book, you must visit Kalami. It has grown, for it is said that in Lawrence’s time there, his house was the only one and now there is a procession of small tavernas and holiday homes. It has maintained most of it’s Corfiot charm though.

The White House is now a very good restaurant and there are a suite of apartments there that you can rent on a bed and breakfast basis. The village is adorned with many reminders of the Durrells and indeed people do travel from far and wide just for this connection alone. You will see lots of little animals here and there including rabbits, foxes, otters. Not real ones, just little statuettes of the creatures, some are wearing little jackets and hats, slightly Walt Disney if you ask me and rather overdone.

I can remember the first time we entered the village, after an interesting drive down windy roads and plenty of sudden braking to avoid the local drivers running us into oblivion. Parking was tricky down there too and I grounded the car on a big hump which made a horrible grating noise. I was half expecting the exhaust to fall off. In fact that morning, our first since arriving the previous day we bundled into the car to realise we had a puncture. A farmer appeared from nowhere with his hand outstretched. He was friendly and gestured towards my Dad and I who were sweating over the spare tyre and jack. He helped us repair it and the following day he had fixed the damaged tyre for us. The people there are like that. Nothing is a trouble. Happy to help and very friendly.

I digress….

Back to Kalami – We did something that I can remember seeing the Durrells doing in the recent TV series, the original film and the book. That was to sit on a rickety table right down by the water’s edge and have a coffee. We later returned to have a full meal and I can highly recommend the restaurant there. It is a bit expensive but that may be due to it’s location and that it has a captive audience of people making their pilgrimage there in honour of the Durrells.

The featured photo today was taken fairly early in the morning, as the light was at it’s best. Kalami is on the North Eastern side of the island, so you don’t get to see the sunsets there but if you are an early riser, you sure get to see some fantastic dawn light.

I made use of a 0.6ND grad in this shot and mounted the camera on a Gorillapod that in turn was mounted on a glass panel. The pool area behind the villa is surrounded by glass panels for safety and they also look great because they don’t interrupt the view as much as a fence would!

I shall be back with more photos from Greece next week, have a lovely weekend everyone!

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    1. Thanks David. I was pleased with the way that one turned out, reminded me of the posts I wrote years ago in Italy.

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