4 day week?

We are forever seeking the finest balance between work and life but what do you do when work is your life? Well perhaps that is the problem? In some cases people (myself included) do stuff for a living that they are passionate about and some people aren’t so lucky and end up lumbered with a job they don’t really ike – either way, being able to push back and say, I need time to take a breather from all of this, is not always easy.

In my case I have been working on a contract based project for 18 months and now that I have walked away from that, I truly realise how much it was stressing me out and that I had lost all control of my creative side. I had become some kind of robot at times, just getting up each day to work on something that I never really saw the benefit of for myself nor anyone else. It had it’s plus sides because I did learn a lot and I did meet some great people, many of whom I shall keep in touch with. Oh and the money was good. Yes, money, we all need that don’t we. Don’t you just love Capitalism?! (Digression alert!)

So now I find myself thinking, “4-day weeks, can I do this? Will I lose money? Will I lose momentum?”

Well for starters momentum is a rythmic pulse of life and work. You can’t find a perfect momentum without focussing on the space in-between. Think of music, if there were no breathing spaces between each note or phrase, the “rest” as it is known, it would become a cacophonic blur. Ok some modern music is THAT but my point is, you need to find those quiet times to pause, reflect and take your next step. You need be in control of your pace of life before you find momentum.

Each alternate week I am taking a Wednesday off and the following week, the Friday. Repeat.

My inttention is to spend these “off days” doing things that aren’t desk based, I switch the computer off for most of the day, emails (unless urgent) can wait till the following working day. I can allow myself time merely to think about work, the plans we have for the future, the projects we are developing. I will permit myself to making notes on Evernote or Trello but that will be it. I hope that I can recharge my batteries this way and find a new momentum once more.

So what am I going to do on these days, starting with today?

  • Take long walks out in the Hampshire/Surrey countryside
  • Do some photography
  • Catch up with other people
  • Gardening – always things to do there
  • Fly the drone and capture some new footage
  • Cycling
  • Gym – not a member of any at the moment
  • Learn to cook
  • Many other things

I will let you know how this goes.

P.S. Can I keep up the daily blog entries? Let’s see, I will certainly aim to write them during the week and take weekends off 😉

Have a lovely day!


2 thoughts on “4 day week?

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  1. Good luck with that Nick! Wish I could do that permanently myself. I usually use accumulated leave that way at year end, taking Fridays off, and it works great. Enough of a rest to properly recharge.

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