Farnborough Guide: Southwood woodland walk

Our local council have been setting up a number of local trails on land that had either been used by the Army or just not used at all for various reasons. I shall introduce you to some of these over time, as I am gathering photos of the local area for a combined web and mobile app project that I am developing. This project is called “Farnborough Guide” and I shall reveal more of it as time progresses. Anyway, let’s have a look at some photos I took first thing this morning whilst out doing some research.

I had taken walks here in the past but hadn’t noticed until today these fabulous signs and their stands. Local councils, love them or loathe them, do put the effort in when given the chance and gather together local talent who create masterpieces like this.

I also love the fact that it is educational, informative and eye catching all in one go. We are growing more and more concerned nowadays that people are disconnected from nature and the great outdoors or so the media would lead us to believe. I do agree that there is some element of truth in this, so anything like this is more than welcome in my book.

The last photo is of what they have named the “Stag beetle stumpery” and that brought a smile to my face. I know some people hate stag beetles, find them scary but they are as important to our ecology as any other creature on this earth. So helping them is a very important thing indeed! Once again it helps teach people about their plight and helps raise awareness of wildlife that is becoming scarce for a number of reasons.

So going back quickly to what I shall be using these photos for.

We are using a service called Cloudinary that you can use in conjunction with Amazon’s S3 servers and what they call “buckets”. So these images (taken on my iPhone) will be uploaded to these servers and Cloudinary allows you to create numerous different versions of your original images, caches them and delivers them across a fast CDN. I like this because I can generate thumbnails, cropped images, compressed versions (for speed) and use them across both the website and app we are developing.

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