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Book: The Corfu Trilogy


Our villa perched high above the glistening Ionian Sea commands a glorious view, I am taking pictures, quite a lot of them, some at dawn, some later and one or two at night. However a childhood hero and his family stick on my mind, that person was Gerald Durrell. I can remember watching him on the TV when I was a child and many years ago read “My Family and other Animals”. Recently we have enjoyed watching Simon Nye’s adaptation with it’s fabulous cast of actors on ITV. So I was delighted when we found a copy of the “The Corfu Trilogy” sat on one of the bookshelves. Now that is my reading sorted for a few days.

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  1. I watched a couple of episodes and enjoyed them. My wife loves it – absolutely loves it.

  2. I’m taking a note of this and will include it in my reading list. Thanks for sharing Nick.

    1. I’ve also purchased the digital version because we are running out of time. The book belongs to the villa, so shall enjoy reading it at home instead. We’ve been busy exploring for a couple of days, got some great photos and notes for future articles on my blog. Going to take a leaf from Johann’s book.

      1. We’re so looking forward to reading about your adventures in Corfu and your great shots of the place!

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