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All the gear. Loads of ideas!

Do I really need another camera bag or rucksack? Well this morning I’m churning over what kit to take on our upcoming Corfu trip. Now what gear do I want to take? What am I allowed to take? What will fit in one rucksack? What will be within the constraints of my carry-on luggage?

I’m planning to take quite a few things and in the past I’ve had to make sacrifices and this time I want to take the drone too for some aerial shots. 

Then I found a picture of a typical rucksack setup and it got me thinking, I probably have an older rucksack big enough for all of this kit! In fact there is a whole page on their website dedicated to the Mavic drone as one of the most amazing pieces of kit and ridiculously transportable too. 

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  1. This touched on something I’ve been wrestling with . Do I go down the route of a mirrorless camera and choose a Fuji because they are lighter (and I love the colour) or do I stick with an SLR because I know that they are better with long telephoto lenses. I don’t want to invest in both (costs aside) because I think I would be forever dithering over which to use.

    Are you sticking with your Nikon?

    1. I’m trying to work out where I want to go next with my camera gear. The drone is one thing of course but cameras, hmm. I like the idea of portable gear and cameras that fit in your pocket. I’m using my Nikon less these days. Quite often using this iPhone I’m on right now writing this reply!

    2. I will keep the Nikon but may upgrade to the latest in the 700 series though tempted by the 850. Less keen to buy a whole new suite of lenses.

  2. So after reading this post of yours Nick, I’m going to start with this: Wow! Corfu! You lucky lucky people! I’m so looking forward to seeing the photos! Now enough with my silly exclamation marks and on to *that* bag. J will have a laugh when he reads this and will nod in agreement for two main things: one, for my love of bags (including any kind of kit bag) and two, because what bags to carry to the Lake District is a yearly conundrum. This year J really missed one of his big lenses (I have to ask him which one it was). He still has to find a way to carry it for travel. I only like using two prime lenses, my 50-mm one for food photos and a pancake 24mm one perfect for outdoor shots. (I can see you smiling here – because that’s *nothing* compared to what you carry around!) Have fun in Corfu!

    1. Loved your reply there Roberta. Tina finds my obsession with kit bags funny and often worries I’ll forget my clothes when travelling! I used to take a massive amount of stuff with me but over the years, I’ve whittled it down to a fraction of what it was. Now I take my 30mm, 24-70 and 10-20 more often than not. I used to also carry a 70-200 but tended not to use it. Plus tripod, Lee Filters etc

      This time the Mavic drone is coming along together with MacBook. In fact the Mac has already travelled to the Southern Hemisphere.

      1. I get you. Johann has a kit bag but it’s very bulky. Now he carries a normal back pack and bought padded covers for the camera body etc. I don’t know if he travels with filters. Those Lee filters are so fragile that I get heart palpitations everytime he takes them out! LOL. You know, just to give you an idea for another blog post, it would be very informative to write something about what to pack for travel photography, or something on those lines. People often ask me about this, in my case for food photos. I’m still learning but you’re a pro so I know that many would appreciate it.

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