Caerfai, Pembrokeshire

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 20.06.56.png

Earlier this Summer we took a trip up to Pembrokeshire, the western-most tip of Wales and since the last time I went was when I was in my childhood, I just couldn’t wait to return, this time with my own family rather than my parents and brother.

On the first day we took a drive from Martletwy up via Haverfordwest, Solva, Caerfai and finishing in St Davids before returning to our base for the week.

I can remember Caerfai from those earlier holidays in my youth, when we used to stay in an old farm cottage that was close to, if not pretty much smack bang on top of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. It was one of the most fabulous locations I think we ever found. We liked it enough to return a number of times again over the years. So it was really exciting for me, as we drove down the road, I instantly spotted the old cottage and recalled the walks to the Farm Shop to collect bottles of milk. Yes bottles.

Now in 2017, it hasn’t changed in the slightest. However the most exciting moment occurred as we parked in the small but ample clifftop car park and took a peek over the top. Right below us was the splendour of Caerfai Bay with is’t distinctive light purple, almost pink rocks. The same rocks were used to build nearby St David’s Cathedral.

It was also the warmest day of our stay in Wales, t-shirts and shorts weather. We took a walk down the steep path to the beach where we explored the aforementioned rocks and boulders that are strewn across the sands. Watching dogs playing in the water. It felt a bit different, as when we were kids, I swear we had it to ourselves, a hidden gem that nobody else knew about. Now very popular!

Oh and I also swear that the walk back up that steep path, never seemed so tough on the legs when I was ten years old!

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