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iPhone photos rediscovered

iPhone photos rediscovered

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This evening I opened up the Photos app on my Mac and under “Albums” there is an option called “Places”, so I clicked on it and found it to be really quite interesting. I ended up taking a trip back through the archives of my iPhone and Mac, well the Photos app (backed up on iCloud). I thought it would be fun to share some here.

As you can see from above, most of my travels have taken me to various parts of the UK (no surprises there of course), Portugal and an area around southern Italy which probably will include Malta and on closer inspection Gozo too.

Let’s start with a walk we took one morning whilst staying in Valletta during the Christmas season of 2016…


I am transported back to Floriana which is a neighbour to Valletta and a great deal quieter. You can escape from the tourists here and most of the people you will encounter are locals going about their day-to-day, which for us, we prefer.

Every morning we used to take a walk from our hotel down into Floriana and were fascinated by the “Cat Cafe” and in fact we have come across others throughout the Maltese islands. The Mediterranean seems to have a problem with stray cats but at least here on Malta, there are people who care for them. I couldn’t help but wonder what the cats often chose for their drinks and snacks at the cafe! (Answers in the comments section below folks).


Just around the corner we found ourselves at the Argotti Botanical Gardens and right in the middle I spotted what I guess you could call a physic garden of some kind. It was full of edible plants of various sorts and was quite pretty. The rest of the gardens however, whilst pleasant enough were looking a little bit unloved, however we did notice that some imminent building work was about to begin sometime in the next week/month/year, as some of the fountains were not active and also cordoned off with wheelbarrows of cement bags on standby. Probably something to do with the upheaval that is V2018!! My Maltese friends will scoff at me mentioning that!



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