Our new car

I’ve worked stupidly hard and because I like sporty cars we have just collected our latest set of wheels. Yes it’s a Jaaaaaaag! The most sophisticated car we’ve owned to date.

It’s got some crazy tech which boggles my mind. My first car was a clapped out old Mini that fell apart often but was just like Humpty Dumpty, you could always put her back together again. Now here we have a car that I can control via my phone. My Grandad would have loved this and it probably would have boggled him too. It also has plenty of poke under the hood too and is a lovely drive. That’s what matters at the end of the day. Got to make the most of petrol before it’s banned in 2020! (Sorry politics)

We have this red beauty now for four years and I highly recommend leasing a car. We have done so for six years now and is a super cost effective way of “owning” a car. All we need to do is pay a fixed rental each month, fuel her, keep her clean and free of bumps and scratches. The lease company takes care of maintenance and taxes. No MOT for three years.

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