All the gear. Loads of ideas!

Do I really need another camera bag or rucksack? Well this morning I’m churning over what kit to take on our upcoming Corfu trip. Now what gear do I want to take? What am I allowed to take? What will fit in one rucksack? What will be within the constraints of my carry-on luggage?

I’m planning to take quite a few things and in the past I’ve had to make sacrifices and this time I want to take the drone too for some aerial shots. 

Then I found a picture of a typical rucksack setup and it got me thinking, I probably have an older rucksack big enough for all of this kit! In fact there is a whole page on their website dedicated to the Mavic drone as one of the most amazing pieces of kit and ridiculously transportable too. 

Covent Garden, Vini Italiani and mime artists

A post lunch stroll into Covent Garden on a very warm August afternoon reveals all sorts of delights. Mime artists galore and an opera singer delivering his repatoire to an audience of casual listeners all of whom are enjoying a nice glass of wine or a light lunch in the sun. I stand here soaking it all up myself whilst Tina browses nearby. 

A levitating mime artist entertains the crowds and I’m intrigued to know how he does this? Tina suggests that he just has a very well trained centre of gravity and excellent core strength to be able to balance with such grace and apparent ease. 

Later we came back this way and spotted the same artist taking a break with his friend, having a cheeky cigarette!

Have we forgotten to love the moment?

I have quite a lot of random thoughts that pop into my head. I’m sure you are all the same. The fresh air does it to me as I walk away from my desk into the outdoors. Woodlands being one of my favourite places to reflect. I’m sitting in one right now.

It dawned on me that we are so focussed on what’s coming next these days. Some people I know are already talking of Christmas and 2018. It seems all too easy just to undervalue what is happening now, what lays before you. Ok granted the effects of now will lead to what happens next. I feel that we sometimes need to slow down more. Simply to cherish what is going on around you or just to spend time contemplating nature. It’s for this reason I like to get away from other humans occasionally!

Easy to say of course and I’m no innocent party of said crimes. My career is all about innovating the web and whichever way we do it today, it will be old hat by the time I set my alarm clock and drift off at the end of the day. Life is fast. Keeping up is a challenge that keeps people like myself in employment earning money.

The brevity of life was brought home with a thud recently when an old friend of ours passed away suddenly. A week later my great aunt also passed away. So it’s no surprise that this topic lingers heavily on my mind currently. Our mortality. I recalled happy memories of the two people lost, the fun we had and the way I never in the past considered what would happen to them in the distant future. They would all simply always be around, part of the social fabric in which we are embroidered.

The universe in which we live may seem inextricably infinite but nothing within it is. We all have our limits.

Thank heck I’m taking a holiday soon!

A Ticket to Ryde

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 20.33.20

We know a family who live on the Isle of Wight and have been tripping over to the island quite a lot over the last 3 years. In fact we are going back again quite soon and will be staying at the same hotel we’ve used twice before in the resort town of Ryde.

Ryde is an interesting old place, like many, it is nothing like it would have been back in the early 20th century or even before that when it was loved by the Victorians. In some ways it still feels like it was from a different era. I like that though, I feel as though I’m on holiday when I go there, making it a smashing place to stay for long weekends and a great base for exploring the Isle of Wight as a whole.

In terms of getting there, you can either take one of two ferries to Cowes or Fishbourne both are not far to drive from or you can catch one of two passenger only options, the Catamaran or my favourite, the Hovercraft!


The above photo was taken through a window unfortunately, so the black block in the top lefthand corner is a bit of a shame. However is a good testament to the iPhone camera’s panorama mode which I don’t use often enough but I was quite pleased with this. I was really chuffed to have a view like this from our hotel window and I’m sorry, I am a big child when it comes to Hovercraft, I love them, if they are available as remote control toys, do let me know!

The beach at Ryde is phenomenal and I can recall one evening recently whilst we were staying there taking a walk across the sands, the tide had gone out for what seemed like miles and miles. We watched in fascination as two Cruise ships almost seemed to hover across the sand, where the horizon dipped and we couldn’t quite see the water. We pondered where the ships were heading as they took thousands of excited passengers on a voyage of their lifetimes. We however were thinking of simply returning to our hotel room, we were knackered after a day of exploring and a lovely evening meal that was resting heavy upon our stomachs.