I am starting a new series of drone videos this Summer that I am calling “ViewPoints” which I began a couple of weeks ago, with one new video to share right now, right here and a queue of two others to bring to you as soon as they are ready. I am chipping away at them bit by bit, you know how long these things take at times.

The series of videos will depict some of my favourite places in the UK and occasionally beyond too, after all I have got archives sat on Lacie drives going back a couple of years now. Each video will be pretty short about 3 to 5 minutes long and all of them will be published on YouTube. So if you are on YouTube, please subscribe and like the original videos as well as this post….. ok shameless plug over!

The music in today’s video is really nice and I sourced it from Kevin MacLeod’s archives. Kevin is a prominant name online for providing royalty free music and you can find all the details, attributions etc against the YouTube video.

I have recently upgraded my Mac to the latest OS update and along with it Final Cut, my favourite editing package for Video. It took a bit of getting used to but I think I shall get along with it just fine.

The filming was great fun because we had just shot an earlier video down by Petersfield (which is the next one to come here) where the temperatures were in the high 20s and there was not a breath of wind at all. So we decided to head for the South Downs and up to Harting Down which offers the finest views of the area. To be honest there are views aplenty in the area and I plan to exploit it more in the years to come. I have been there many times before and quite often you can practically be blown off your feet in the Winter months!

Anyway, here is the video, please like it on YT and subscribe (if you don’t mind). Let me know in the comments what you think right here.

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  1. I love the landing bit – never seen that before – it felt like the drone was going to sink into the ground. And so smooth when it is airborne. What happens if there is a gust of wind, how does it react?

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    1. Yes I decided to include that at the last minute and thought it fitted quite nicely with my scrolling titles. Originally it would have been left in the cutting room floor or so to speak. The DJI Mavic has sensors on the front and underside that detect obstacles and its distance above the ground. So when I bring it down at a steady rate it stop at about one foot from the ground and then continues at a slow speed and that ensures a nice gentle landing.

      Good question on gusty winds and it has the ability of coping with them. On board there is a GPS system which constantly tracks up to 18 satellites, this helps it hover on the spot and a gyro system helps it compensate for any drift caused by airflow. So no matter it being just a slight increase in wind or an unexpected gust, it will do its best to maintain its position by regulating power to each of its four motors.

      In fact you can turn the GPS mode off and fly in what’s called ATTI mode and that’s far more challenging.

      Finally I never fly in winds above 20mph!


      1. I use an app called UAV weather that gives me forecast info for the location hour by hour. So I don’t ever really know what the current wind speed is. Maybe I should get an anemometer if that’s the right name for it?


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