The curiosity of the general public

Whilst out flying yesterday capturing some video and photography, I initially seemed to be alone, not a soul around. However that wasn’t to be for long! I met a whole bunch of people with the space of 10 minutes, all of whom were fascinated by what I was doing.

The first people I met were a father, son and their two dogs. They were fascinated by the drone and asked lots of questions about it. I demonstrated some of it’s capabilities and showed them some images captured so far.

They left me to it and after capturing a series of photos from the air, I landed up and began packing the gear away into my shoulder bag. Then all of a sudden a party of people turned up, I think they may have been celebrating a birthday or anniversary, they were all smartly dressed but didn’t appear to be a wedding party or anything like that….

A lady of a certain age together with two other women asked me in a very eloquent tone of voice, that kind of voice people used to speak with back in the day, so I instantly guessed her to be a retired teacher, asked;

“Is that a drone? How wonderful, have you taken many pictures?”, she asked.

“Yes, I can show you on my phone”, I replied and promptly presented them with a preview of the footage, there right on the spot. They were in awe, I could tell, or maybe not, I am sure they have seen many amazing things over time.

“Where are you from?”, she then went on to ask

“Oh, not too far away but I went to the nearby school in the 80’s and have always been fascinated by this castle”, I replied.

“Oh”, one of the three ladies went as if in retort. (why do they do that?)

“How old is it?”, one of the other ladies asked.

“1700’s I think, it was built during the reign of King John and played a part in the story of the Magna Carta”, I chirpily replied.

NOTE: My knowledge of history is rubbish because it was actually built in the 13th century not the 18th, “a good 500 years out Mr Lewis, do see me after school.”

Anyway I pointed them in the direction of the information board and made a hasty retreat before they realised I was not a real historian!


Despite all of the media stories of how bad drones are for the world and anyone who owns one is an evil narcissistic demon, that is total tosh. I have not yet met one person waving their fists at me in anger with ruddy faces, uttering curse words and threatening to call the Police…. nope not one yet.

Generally people are interested in the technology and I wholly wish to be a good PR representative for them!

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