Spotlight: Odiham Castle, Icarus Imaging

Every now and then, maybe once a week, I am going to pick out a great video that I have discovered on YouTube or Vimeo and share it here on my blog.

This week I am going to give a shout-out for Icarus Imaging and a video they made of Odiham Castle because I came across this when I was looking to find videos of locations I plan to film at some point. Plenty of people have already shot footage around Odiham Castle but I thought this one was the slickest of those that I found.


  1. For me, the shots looking down on the trees are the most interesting (and vertigo inducing) in the footage. There is so much to see in the formations of the trees and the different colours.


    1. Yes I thought that was great seeing their skeletal forms almost reminiscent of dead leaves in way and the skeletons that they leave.


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