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Flight: Waverley Abbey

Waverley Abbey is one of our favourite places and it is not far from where we live, just a 20 minute drive approximately. It is popular with people looking for peace and quiet, inspiration, therefore very popular with artists in the summer months when the meadow grass is left to grow longer.

We had it to ourselves on a cool April evening and the light was pretty good, so the contrasts weren’t too severe for photography or filming. It was also an ideal opportunity to get to shoot some aerial footage with the new Mavic Pro – yes, I apologise for mentioning it again and no I am not sponsored by it’s manufacturer DJI either as one of my friends over on Facebook was suggesting 😉

A drone is no different to any other form of camera, it takes practice to get the shots that you can work with to make a short film like this. You also need to consider the music choice too. I started off with an assembly of clips taken from the original footage that totalled 7 minutes and I needed to cut that down by 50% to match Elgar’s Nimrod. It was more by luck rather than judgement that I cut it to size. I never think about the music at the time of recording, that spark of inspiration comes later and in this instance I knew I wanted to use some classical music and the Enigma Variations always screams out “Great Brtain”, our green pastures and all of that sort of thing.

Visual effects- I only use video transitions at the start and finish rather than between each scene, I quite like my videos to be a little bit punchy even when not exactly matching the action to the soundtrack. I find that some transitions can end up looking a bit cliche, just for the sake of using them. I had some fun at one point playing with some news style animated titles taken from After Effects and importing them into Premiere Pro but that too just looked cliched, so I settled for the more understated titles. Why does this all matter? I am trying to come up with a style for my videos that I publish online, just for that professional look.

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