Drone Code

One or two of my readers were curious to know what the rules are for flying drones, especially over urban or built up areas. Here is the most recent document that has been issued by the CAA, the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority.

I carry a copy of this with me in my bag, so if anyone asks me whilst I am out flying, I can inform them of the rules. I have been fortunate so far not to have had a single problem with the public other than just curiosity.

One question I had was regarding can you fly over built up areas? Well, sort of and my interpretation is that over property or people, you should observe a distance of 50m all around, to the sides and up above. Then over built up areas you can fly a certain distance away but not over the top.

I also found this article quite useful: http://www.aerialdroneimages.co.uk/caa-update-drone-code/Dronecode-page-001.jpg


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