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Aerial Photography

I have recently bought a new drone, the third I’ve owned in fact and this time I have gone for DJI’s Mavic Pro and wow what a fabulous piece of technology it is. It has now been for 3 flights and I am blown away by it. So many capabilities and lots os features to try out and thank goodness for another long weekend coming up!

It shoots fantastic video at 4k and below but the camera is a 12MP affair which captures great stills too. Here are two that I took, albeit not from any great height just yet but I was getting used to the controls and it’s characteristics.

The location in the first photo is Frensham and in the distance you can see the “Little Pond” which is actually not that small.


I was also drawn to this old ghostly looking tree…


I guess you could call it a “petrified” tree? It may have been struck by lightning or fallen victim to one of the heathland fires that has occured at this location.

Frensham is quite popular for film making. It wasn’t all that long ago, I walked into a film set and began to wonder why I hadn’t been ushered away by security but they were in fact packing up and didn’t mind me in the slightest. The Hollywood stars had left the day before for California no doubt. The film was “The Huntsman”, so quite a big blockbuster. I heard the other day they are filming the latest Jurassic Park just outside Farnborough right now…. shan’t risk flying the drone over that, I may regret doing so!!

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  1. Yes, and yes again. Makes me want one. What are the rules about flying these in urban areas?

    1. Warrants a post of it’s own to be honest but generally speaking urban areas are tricky in terms of the rules. You can’t fly below a certain height and above crowds of people unless you have a permission to do so. So I tend to go for open rural areas currently

  2. Just to mention – In your feed that I got in my email, the photos are 880px wide and the photos look more impressive than the smaller size here in the web version. The top photo in the email version looks stunning.

    1. Thanks David. I shall have a look into this

    2. Can you forward the email to me? Thanks

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