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Preview: Farnborough Guide & Mapugo


Here is a sneak preview of one of my current projects. In fact this screen layout will feature in two of our forthcoming apps, Farnborough Guide and Mapugo. They are both similar in some respects. FG as you can perhaps tell by it’s name is a local guidebook for our home town with a social and interactive twist. We will be getting local businesses onboard whom can promote their services courtesy of a premium account tariff. Pricing is a little bit secret right now, we are still fine tuning those details. It will be sensible though. We know that there are easily a couple of thousand businesses in the area. 

Mapugo on the other hand will cover anywhere and everywhere via crowdsourcing to help us all find great places to explore. 

The UI above has a number of features:

  • Opening hours, so that you can see whether a place is open right now or whether it is due to open later etc
  • A map that shows you the location
  • A button that connects with your native mapping app which automatically givers you directions to the place
  • An Instagram powered gallery which shows the customers latest business activities

We’ve got a decent amount of interest in the FG app from around the area, we hope to move it closer to App Store release in May/June. 

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