Targeting social media

I am trying my hardest to get back into writing stuff here and to write about some of the stuff I work with on a day-to-day basis and also many of the things I am passionate about for hobbies. However I may begin splitting my writing up a bit across at least two sites. I have this one, have been running this blog site now for more than a decade and then there is my business site at which is more about my actual work. They both need some more attention, especially as I shift far more towards freelance work, rather than contracting all of the time. I need to promote our business using these tools. I need to embrace them a lot more.

It has got me thinking about how to share certain posts, I know that some people may be interested in my writing about Tech and some not. Equally some people may be more interested in what I write about on the softer topics, photography, travel and so on.

The thing is I don’t want to run a dozen sites, just keeping it to the two is easier and makes a lot of sense.

So I am in the process of thinking about how I use my social media accounts.

Here are some rough ideas on this, nothing set in stone, just pure ideas for now and I shall see where this leads.


I am most definitely going to share my work related posts on this channel. That counts for both this site and HeadForCode. I plan to attract more business that way, especially bearing in mind, we would like to build mobile apps for you if your business is on the lookout for that kind of thing. I would not share so much posts I write about hobbies on LinkedIn. I guess prospective clients may be interested in some of those things but not so much?


I have multiple FB accounts and you may follow me already on some of those, if not all of them.


Once again I have 3 accounts but mostly use my @nicklewis account, so glad I was an early adopter on both FB and Twitter, I was able to get both of those names really easily because of that.


I was such a big fan of everything Google at one point in time and was an early adopter of it’s predecessor Buzz and then switched to Google+ as I was one of the first people to be invited to it when they started. However I have fallen out of step with the service recently and I am nore sure why. I think it may have something to do with the way it has changed and that a lot of people I used to converse with there have vanished.

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