Active 10

I’m impressed by this app and have been trying it out for the past two days. It just shows the bad news. I’m not active enough. So that sure needs to change. 

What especially impresses me, are how apps can tap into your data, in this case the health information that my phone captures 24/7. Craft a nice looking app it can provide you with some great infographics like this. 

So going to stop writing this and focus on a brisk ten minute blast around the Exxon grounds!


  1. I’ve been using Google fit for a while, and last week it suddenly erupted, happy that i reached my goal (the default hour i think). Hadn’t been out for a proper walk in a while 😃


    1. Well done that’s great to hear. I am seriously slacking at the moment. Now time to get out on the bike and to do some fast paced walking!

      Enjoying reading about your climbing on your blog.


      1. Thanks! Well, i think my climbing is pretty much all the exercise I’m getting, so it’s good at least it’s there…

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