Hey April!

I can’t believe it is April. Crikey the year is going fast but that may be down to the fact I have been working at an insane rate of knots. My contract has been ludicrous at times, sometimes in a good way and also in some bad ways. That isn’t all that important, contracts in the web development world can be like that at times. You have to take the “rough with the smooth” as they say.

Either way, it all comes to an end on the 28th of this month. Gulp!

(Some people think it may extend but I have my doubts)

So what to do?

Will I take the rest of the year off and live a life of Riley. Nope not likely. My finances don’t quite qualify for that, at least not yet. If you are a contractor, do you maintain a financial cushion? I do and I guard it very closely, as if it were the Worlds very very last oil reserves at times!

I like the time in between contracts, it is that time when you can slow down, not necessarily stop, for that would be the worst thing to do. It is a time to pick up on personal projects, those that could make you some money. It is what us freelancers dream of, creating the “killer app” that is going to make us famous and rich. A fantasy perhaps but always worth a bash. In any case such projects, if nothing else serve as a learning exercise, help you boost those development skills that you can take into the next gig wherever it may be.

Locations now are becoming quite varied for contracts. London as ever is popular but then the other great UK cities are getting more of a look in now, places such as Manchester and further up the country. Germany has become popular post-Brexit (dare I utter those words, they may make me wince) with offers of great contract opportunities from Hamburg to Munich. The adverts all exclaim – “Hey! You don’t even need to speak German, your new colleagues all speak perfect English”. I eye these opportunities with suspicion, just agency speak? Perhaps.

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    1. Definitely though to be fair this has been happening for awhile. I heard stories that placards appeared in London saying, “Brexit? Don’t worry come and work in Berlin!”


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