Working on new travel Apps

We are working on a new app right now, it is called Farnborough Guide, a social publishing platform for local businesses/organisations to promote themselves to the people that matter the most – The local customers and members both old and new. In fact we shall soon be looking for people to try out an early version of the app, especially if you live in Farnborough or nearby. If you don’t, then please keep following this blog because Farnborough Guide will lead onto an app called either Mapugo or Journog, which will be open to everyone globally. Likewise we will be looking for people to help us develop that idea further too.

I have always been a fan of maps, travel guides, articles, books, in fact anything about the world in which we live and I get even more excited about it when I can pick one of those guides up, hop in the car and to go and find the location I’ve been reading about.

The sad thing is recently, I’ve not done enough of this and this year I want to address that. So one way of getting my act together is to build an app, get some people together and to collaborate in some fashion.

He is a screenshot taken from the app:


We have other prototype screens that I can share.

We shall tell you more about this project in a series of small articles as we go along and perhaps share some technical details that I’m sure fellow developers would be interested to hear about.

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