A new bike for new adventures

I’ve been thinking of getting a fold-up bike for some time, as sometimes, especially for work, I like the idea of hopping on the train with a bike. However as you know, especially if you live in the UK like I do, train companies are restricting people from taking bikes on their trains. To an extent I agree with them and on the other hand I curse them, as I like the idea of cycling in other places that aren’t on my doorstep.

So anyway, today, I purchased a really cool bike made by the well known manufacturer Dawes.

I took a quick photo of it whilst it was setup ready for use. In fact it is quite easy once you’ve practiced a couple of times to fold it up and pack it away again. It came with a great big bag for storage in the back of the car and easier carrying. I was quite surprised that it has 6 gears which many bikes of this style don’t have.


I will be using it for work when I need to commute somewhere but I shall also use it for exploring some places a bit further off. It fits in the boot of my Skoda really easily and we could almost fit two of them in there if we purchased another!

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