Keeping it local

Why go to J. Lamb & Sons, the butchers when you can go to Tesco? Why go to Tony Brocolli’s the greengrocer when you can go to Sainsbury’s? Why go to that old pub the “Wagon and Dogs” when you can go for a drink at your local Wetherspoons? I often wonder why we just don’t build towns on the factory line?

You get my drift; I am against all of the above. Sure I do often use our local Sainsburys, but many of the independent businesses, trades, shops, pubs and so on are under serious threat here in the UK. I fear that every town is becoming identical, as if built from a giant jelly mould.

Thankfully there is a place that is on our doorstep, it is technically part of our town Farnborough and is just south of here and north of Aldershot. It has an independent spirit that I love. The place I am describing is called North Camp and my office is located there.

Recently Dan (my apprentice) and I have begun working on a project called “Farnborough Guide” which is a smartphone app for both iOS and Android. We will launch the Apple version first. We are also building a website alongside it too.

If anyone is interested I am more than happy to keep you informed and to update you on the project as it rolls 🙂



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