Valletta at night #1

One of my favourite lenses is the Sigma 30mm that I have had for years and years and some more. It is starting to look a bit weathered but it can be stopped down to an aperture of f1.2, that I can swear it is capable of seeing in the dark. Naturally when compared with an ISO of 800 or a little bit higher.

We visited Valletta over the Christmas period of 2016. Not all that long ago but having just endured January, it feels like a very long time ago!

Mdina #1

It has been a awhile since we were in Malta visiting my Brother and his family. Finally I have had a little bit of time to go through my photographs and share some with you, including this one of Mdina.

We really love Mdina, it has to be one of the World’s gems, it is an amazing old city, the former capital of Malta before Valletta took it’s place. It is a paradise for photographers, turn every corner and you will find a photogenic street or building. It is packed with charm and no visit to Malta is complete without spending some time there.

I shall share some more soon 🙂