I’m wondering if anyone else knows where January went? I feel like I missed it, I’m sure it was here yesterday? Maybe I left it somewhere? Anyone seen it?

I’m only half joking, never known a January to zip by so fast! It was also one of the coldest that I can remember in a long time with frequent frosts. I pretty much had to scrape my windscreen daily. I’ve been setting off at 6:30am each day for my current contract assignment in Leatherhead, setting off in the dark and returning home in the dark. However today it stayed lighter a little bit later. 

We’ve had a fun month though. 

Two weekends ago, we went to see the West End show “Stomp” which we both loved and I could watch it again, it was clever and I would say simple, yet it isn’t when you consider how ingenious the whole production is. The timing, the choreography and sheer energy that erupts on the stage was mesmerising. The cast have no lines, no songs, meaning that they instead channel all effort into making things you’d normally take foregranted, entertaining and sound great. Who would have thought that old washing basins full of water would sound great? No me neither! The Stomp cast made them sound like beautiful percussion instruments!