What are you working on at the moment?

I am a massive fan of WordPress and especially the app. I can use it to catch up on what other people have been writing, I can use it to write whilst on the go. I especially like the fact that I can see who follows this blog. So this post is all about you guys? I know you’ll reply!

I am curious, occasionally nosey even but I am intrigued to learn more about the people I follow and whom follow this blog via WordPress Reader.

I shall start off by telling you about what I’ve been up to….

Well apart from getting ready for Christmas. I’ve been busy at work with my current contract client, Premium Credit. We are building an admin app for insurance brokers. My part has involved learning about some new Javascript based technologies, not just React and Redux but also a certain amount of functional programming. That is a complex thing to get your head around, mainly because you have to unlearn what you know! One of these days when I understand it enough, I shall write about it here.

I must spare some more time for photography and other things, I do feel a bit like all work and no play right now…. Christmas break beckons!

4 thoughts on “What are you working on at the moment?

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  1. Hey Nick – glad/sad to hear you’re busy – as a freelancer I know all about that double-edged sword. My blogs have been languishing a bit recently for the same reason – I’ve written three books this year plus all my usual journalistic writing. The blog that’s been most often updated is http://www.theeventgardener.com – haven’t even written up the Berlin stuff on the travel blog yet (naughty me). Things get quieter in January so I’ll rediscover the wonderful world of blogging then (oh, and poverty of course, the bad side of freedom…) Happy Christmas, try to get a little rest…


    1. Glad/Sad – that is an unusual combination, reminds me slightly of being “hangry”.

      I am curious to learn more about your books but I guess I should just load up your site to find out more. I will have a look at the Event Gardener that sounds cool. I am thinking of launching further blog sites this year and creating more for clients, to help them share their visions of the world with their audience, as for me, I find that rather exciting.

      My contract has been extended to April, so for me, I have delayed poverty for a little bit 😉


  2. Hi Nick,

    Good to hear what you are working on and that you are busy. For me I’m working for a Premier League football club building their new website. It’s a massive AngularJS project, which should be going until mid-2017.


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