Website back online

Apologies to anyone who recently tried to visit this site only to be greeted by a message stating, “Sorry a database connection cannot be established”. I had no idea until I wanted to look something up on my own site. Now I have to say that this issue plagued another WordPress site of mine, hosted on Digital Ocean and it became a major issue. I ended up rewriting the site using a different technology and hosting on a different server altogether!

I will keep a close eye on this…. If it happens again, I am going to have to re-think things a little bit šŸ˜¦

5 thoughts on “Website back online

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      1. Ah yes, I forget you’re a techie šŸ˜Š
        I am thinking of using ServerPilot to front-end a WordPress blog because ServerPilot takes care of security. I could set up a droplet on DO but I wouldn’t know how to safeguard the site from attack. Or maybe I would but I wouldn’t be confident I had done it correctly.


      2. Now that has got me interested now. I’ve been adopting so many services recently that I almost forget at times who I’ve signed up with! Server pilot sounds worth it though


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