The Shard

Over the weekend Tina and I visited the Shard and it was utterly incredible. I swear we could see our house from up there if we looked hard enough some 35 miles to the South West!

The Shard is over 800 feet in height or at least the viewing point is that high up. So I could equate that to flying my drone twice its illegal altitude to the point I would lose sight of it. In fact I lose sight of it being 100 feet up, let alone 800!

The view was spectacular and you get four levels to explore between 69 and 72 though two of them are just the point at which you exit the lift and the last part is by a series of steps. 

I had no idea that the uppermost level is open to the elements or at least parts of the ceiling are as you look up and admire it’s Spire and the undeniable genius of Renzo Piano the chief architect of the project. 

The view made me realise just how much I love London the vibrant European city (ahem) and you could see so much. I focuses my eyes on the whole to start with and then I found myself “zooming” in on smaller details such as the trains leaving London Bridge station far below. 

We spent an hour and a half up there and had no idea we’d been there that long!! 

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