New Contract begins and why JavaScript?

Last week I started at Premium Credit working from the offices of their agency partner The Bio Agency just off Tottenham Court Road, London. It is a 3 month rolling contract which could keep me busy until this time next year. That’s always a good thing to know. It gives you options as to whether you accept extensions when they come or move on to something else. 

It is giving me exposure to some interesting JavaScript technology such as the concepts of Functional Programming and Reactive programming. The thing with this is that you have to think differently not necessarily harder. I am also learning more about React, Flux and Graph data. These things all really matter at the moment because they are being used in so many projects by so many businesses. 


I often ask myself, “Why?”

We all get used to working with languages such as PHP, .Net and so on, so why do we need JavaScript and why has it become so popular? Indeed why use it in such a major way?

Over the past few years I’ve solely become a “JavaScript Developer” I use it as part of my LinkedIn headline for example. 

Maybe it is because it is a cool language? Which I think it is but I’m being biased. I think some people hate it though because it is quirky in some ways and takes a bit of learning. 

The truth is; It’s ubiquitous because it exists within your web browsers, on all of your devices and with the introduction of Node, you can now build servers with it. The “full stack JavaScript developer” now being a popular role on job boards the World over. 

It is a great and indeed essential skill to have if you are a freelance contractor. 

In other news….

What will Brexit mean for us contractors exactly? I think this warrants an article of its own. If you follow me on Facebook, you will have come across my bitter, angry side last week. I’m still feeling scared by it all but getting on with life as normal. 

I still have loads of photos and video clips from our Malta trip to share. 

I’ve got a nice new iPhone 6s and will take a few more pics of Londonwhilst I’m working there and will blog them. 


2 thoughts on “New Contract begins and why JavaScript?

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  1. What a great article. And on the subject of your reaction to Brexit, I was surprised by the anger you showed and all I can say is – Good for you and more power to you. I feel distaste for the way Britain has insulated and isolated itself from Europe. The economics doesn’t worry me so much, because economics change – but the cultural isolation is dreadful.


    1. “Cultural isolation” – You have summed it up well with just those two words. I was angry because I work with so many great people from all over the world and with my brother and other friends working/living in various corners of Europe, it has been disconcerting to say in the least…


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