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Malta: Shadow & Light

I wrote a post just before we went away, haven’t written since and I have an excellent excuse for that!

We had too much of a good time, the weather was fantastic, we spent all of our time pretty much outdoors even when the evenings got a bit windy and “fresh”. I took some photos and recorded some video clips and did what I normally do which is dump the whole lot onto my little orange LaCie drive.

This little drive is a tough cookie, it is bounce proof and survives being pretty much just thrown into the bottom of my rucksack and it goes everywhere with us. It has now been sat on my desk amongst my usual clutter of stuff for the past 2 weeks, beckoning for reconnection to the Mac. I did just that this morning…

I decided to begin with this photo, as I can remember the reasons that the shot appealed to me and the vantage point from which it was captured.

Tina and I took a walk in the early evening up towards Upper Barrakka Gardens where you have a view out across Grand Harbour, which is a stunning view in itself but for me, this view back in towards the town was there to be taken. I cropped in from a bigger frame to emphasize the detail of the picture, the way in which the shadows help add depth to the scene.

Valletta is blessed with some amazing architecture and it would seem that every inch of the city has a story to tell but it’s the combination of the wooden “Gallerjia” and wrought iron balconies that lend themselves to the city’s (and indeed Malta as a whole) identity so strongly.


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  1. Couldn’t agree more about the details being so strongly tied to Malta’s identity – they’re so distinctive. Nicely framed/cropped, I really like the shadow!

  2. They are very pretty and so typically Maltese you’re right. I love the contrast of the whitenes of the walls with the building next to it. Am so glad you enjoyed your trip and meeting you and Tina was wonderful!

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